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Live-Stream Video Service as provided by…

Live-Stream Video Service as provided by…


Below pricing is exclusive to Robert Schoem’s Menorah Chapel


1 Remote Camera (Controlled by Video Tech)
In-House Only
Up to 2 Hours Coverage

$ 395
additional per hour overtime   $ 145
Note: High-Res Video Editing is not available for this option


2 Camera (1 camera for graveside service)
1 Location
Up to 2 Hours Coverage

$ 795
additional per hour overtime   $ 145
2nd location (Up to Hour) $ 145
3rd Location (Up to 1 Hour) $ 145

Note: High-Res Video Edit Available for $ 395


2 Cameras (Includes 2nd Tech)
1 Location
Up to 2 Hours Coverage

$ 895
additional per hour overtime   $ 195
2nd location (Up to Hour) $ 495
3rd Location (Up to 1 Hour) $ 495

Note: High-Res Video Edit Available for $ 395

Add-On Services

Custom Memorial Website $ 1,495
Additional Camera (per hour) $ 245
Zoom Integration $ 345
High Res Video Edit $ 395
Slideshow $ 225
Presentation Video Box – 4×4 $ 145
Presentation Video Box – 5×7 $ 245
Video Guestbook (per hour) $195
Pre-Broadcast Editing (per hour) $ 125

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I get a Hi-Res Video with the “Simple” plan?

A: In order to keep costs down, we take a minimalist approach to setting up the livestream. This is truly meant for just the livestream. We do not incorporate the recording equipment necessary to preserve the material to use for editing. A cloud based recording in the same resolution of the broadcast will be provided, but unedited.

Q: What is the value of getting the edited recording?

A: Editing can do a lot for the integrity of watching a video. We can remove long gaps, add photos, adjust coloring, clean room noise (like an AC or Heating vent, traffic, wind, etc). Also, because streaming is usually at 720 or 560, the edited recording will allow you to watch the video in HD (1080 resolution). You will also be able to download the video for your own preservation. That same video can also be used for one of our presentation options (like the video box & mini urn). One of the most important benefits of the recorded video is that any bandwidth drops during the broadcast will be able to be fixed.

Q: Do I need two cameras?

A: A second camera is not necessary. However, the benefit of a second camera is with the transitions. Whenever a speaker changes, the second camera will already be setup with a different view, which creates a smoother view for those watching online. As the next speaker steps up, we can adjust the camera without viewers having to get disoriented by the camera shakes while we adjust.

Q: What is the value of a second technician?

A: Unexpected moments happen regularly. It is our intentions to try to capture as many of those moments as possible. A technician working by themselves can be pretty busy once the livestream starts. With a second technician, we will be able to read the room and predict where a camera needs to point. And with two techs working, there is always one ready to reposition a camera in an immediate response.

Also, if there are musicians performing, especially more than one, it is highly recommended to get the second tech to focus on sound.