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Funeral Stream Pricing

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Standard Service

Stream Only
$   795

Stream & Video Edit
**Includes replay on demand
with 1 year hosting**

Pricing is the same for Funeral Home or Graveside Service. Services inside a house of worship may incur an additional cost of $200.

Pricing is based on streaming time of up to 2 hours.

Services in Funeral Homes & Houses of Worship will include 2 cameras.

All services include a webpage with streaming information for easy distribution.



Multi-Location per addt’l location
$  495

Zoom Integration
$  495

Slide Show
$  225

Pre-Broadcast Editing (per hour)
$  125

Other Services

Legacy Videos – Starting at $4,995

Location Services – Typically same pricing as above

Unveilling – Typically same pricing as above


If you have any questions or unique requests, contact
Chris Fetchik  201-873-7373



Streaming Information

The layout of this page has been designed based on the layout that will be used for each service. 

The livestream will be visible at the top of the page where the commercial is placed.
Support information will be included in this space to help viewers with common questions.

If you don’t hear audio, check the speaker icon in the lower left corner of the video to make sure the volume is up. (Note: the icon will not be present until we go live, which is normally about 5 minutes before service begins). Also make sure your computer’s volume is turned up.
If the video is not streaming by start time, you may need to hit the play button, as some browser settings prevent the stream from automatically starting.
One last option that may help is to refresh the page a few minutes before the service begins. Once we’re live, re-loading the webpage can help the ‘autoplay’ bypass the browser settings.

Zoom Information

For services that require Zoom, whether it be for use with the service or for the requested streaming method, the login information will be listed in this section, including a direct meeting link.


If provided, an obituary will be placed in this section. If the obituary is not provided, this section will be removed.

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Jewish Funeral Directors

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