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Eco-Fair Preview Page

Video for 2023 Eco-Fair

This page is to be used to preview footage and send notes to make edits, as per the guidelines below each video. The most recent footage will be added on top.


5/27/2023 Edits…..

Here is a 10 minute video showing the vendors. There is an opening from David, the councilman, Jose’s closing remarks, followed by a few random clips. 


5/21/2023 Edits…..

This is the full set of useable footage. For the most part, there are only rough cuts and no transitions. Any transitions that are present were to ensure specific clips stayed together.

Audio was cleaned up to elliminate background noise. An additional noise track was added because it was too clean and unnatural.

Video was colorized to 95% complete. Final cuts will define the other 5%.

The overlay includes the timecode and frame number. You can easily use either of the 2 to define cuts and splicing for editing purposes. For example, you can identify frame numbers 135678-137231, 112397-127548-131625, 202190-201573. Those  4 sets of numbers will be grouped into 1 video in that order. However, transitions will consume a few frames. The video editing process will define the extra frames to ensure there is no loss of content from your selection.

In the process of editing to this point, we’ve defined several directions to make use of the video.

  1. Strictly about the Eco-Fair’s value. We’ve found several clips of vendors talking about making the planet cleaner, and other comments along those lines.
  2. Educational – Most of the vendors offered commentary about small actions for everyday people to make a difference. Maybe a title “Let’s make a difference”. That was just a random thought.
  3. Sponsored Spotlight videos – There are some extended clips with a lot of knowledge in them on a single topic. Trina, for example, has one of the best ones on Composting. We can use that with an into/outtro/and branded with the NEEC logo on the segments.
  4. Social media clips with call-to-action – There are plenty of short segments, like 2 to 5 sentences, that can easily end with “learn more by going to…”
  5. Meet our vendors – Most of the vendors did a great job delivering a short message about themselves. In the process of filming, I added a few prompts for specific dialog that seems to fit well between the vendors. Ultimately, I tried to get as many quotes as possible about why they did the event and also a final word on how people can help the planet.

I’m sure as we go through the detailed editing, I’m sure we can uncover even more ideas. For now, I trimmed the usable content down to about 90 minutes. 






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