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Chris Fetchik

Personal Trainer since 2012
  • Group Ex
  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • Boot Camp Certification
  • TRX Suspension
  • TRX Rip Trainer
  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • AED

I specialize in group exercise or personal training in a one-on-one or small group setting. I have special expertise in injury prevention, and I can help you with all of your muscular endurance or speed and agility training. I love to design athletic circuits, functional fitness routines, and even plans that are specific to the sport of your choice. I love helping people with their running goals! I am fun, hyper-engaging, and aggressive but lighthearted.

Video Clips

Take a look at some of the videos belowto get a better feel for my workout style & personality. Most of the videos I’ve created were a product of necessity from the COVID related stay at home orders. As a result, all workout routines were adapted to avoid using equipment for the sake of home safety. 

Personal Trainer’s Promo

This is my Montclair YMCA promotional video for the personal trainer’s.   

LRW: Slow Groove

One of the top requested workout styles,Slow Groove is a workout from the Chill Zone collection of the Living Room Workout; a bodyweight workout routine for people needing to workout at home but with limitted space.   


HIIT routine from the Living Room Workout virtual fitness program. The final video was carefully edited to not show that this was one of the interactive virtual workouts where I monitored and modified the program as it progressed.   

LRW: Cardio

Moderate cardio routine from the Living Room Workout virtual fitness program. This was a no-plan, feel the music, and have fun with it type of workout. And I had fun.   

LRW: Lower Body Focus

While this is still a full body workout, there is a much greater emphasis on the lower body.    


Chris Fetchik